The Barn Group knowledgeably manages a wide variety of vegetation, invasive plants, and weeds. Most of our vegetation management programs begin with an assessment of your land conducted by one of our staff scientists. From there, we’ll create a recommended plan, timeline, and budget that’s unique to your land as well as your personal or commercial goals and needs.


The Barn Group is one of only a few organizations in the U.S. that focuses on the management of invasive species nationwide. Invasive plants can damage existing habitats, spreading quickly and stifling native plant growth and biodiversity. Invasive plant management requires remarkably different methods than traditional vegetation management, and The Barn Group’s team has decades of expertise in this area. Noxious weeds are those that have been designated as harmful to people, agriculture, wildlife, or property by a federal, state, or local government. The Barn Group works to remove both invasive and noxious plants, helping improve the safety and biodiversity of our land and streams.


When undesirable plants take over roadways, pipelines, walkways, grassy medians, parking lots, and paths, it can lead to visibility and safety issues on a property. The Barn Group utilizes special machinery and skilled applicators to carefully control the growth of invasive weeds and vegetation in these areas. In addition to promoting safety and biodiversity, this work can also help protect property values and nearby local vegetation. These proactive services help decrease future maintenance costs and also promote the natural beauty of the land. The Barn Group offers right-of-way brush and vegetation control for urban and suburban areas as well as neighborhood pathways, industrial, and commercial properties.


When it comes to bare ground weed control, The Barn Group provides a full-service assessment and consultation for your land. This work is based on our knowledge of vegetation and expertise in weed management. After your consultation, we’ll research and recommend a professional management plan based on your land’s unique species of weeds and level of infestation. We offer a wide variety of treatments, with options for treatment throughout the year or on an annual basis.


The Barn Group uses chemical, biological, and cultural methods to manage and remove the threat of weeds, so you're only growing what you want on your land. Once the weeds are gone, we make sure they stay gone! Prevention is the best way to guarantee your property stays healthy and weed-free. The Barn Group can set up easy maintenance schedules that are convenient for you, so the weeds are never an issue again.


Our aquacare weed control program begins with one of our scientists measuring the waterbody, identifying the species present, and assessing environmental factors. From there, we’ll work out a maintenance program that’s convenient for you. The Barn Group can provide year-round management as well as scheduled inspections to help identify any potential issues. Gain peace of mind with our all-inclusive aquacare weed control program. With this program, if you alert us to any issues or concerns, we’ll send a licensed applicator on-site within three days, with no extra cost for additional visits or treatments.