Nicholas Anderson obtained both a bachelors and masters degree in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation from Brigham Young University. With a passion for research in natural resources, Nic has been immersed in many research projects since 2011. Throughout his undergraduate work he was employed in several different university labs and helped conduct research on a breadth of topics including brush reestablishment after fire, impacts of range management techniques on Native American artifacts, black bear and polar bear ecology, and travelled internationally to help implement entomological and rangeland restoration studies in both Bolivia and China. Since 2018 Nic has worked with the BYU Geospatial Habitat Analysis Lab to complete his masters degree. Here he has studied the impacts of commercial honeybee operations on native pollinators in subalpine tall forb communities. He has also used drones and GIS technologies to monitor and assess floral cover and pollinator resources.

Nic enjoys the outdoors at every opportunity and has a passion for hunting, fishing, hiking, birding, and scuba diving.