The Barn Group

The Barn Group (TBG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that restores, preserves and promotes healthy lands, waters and communities. We coordinate and facilitate voluntary land conservation by working with all types of landowners to keep our lands and waters intact. We have a focus to advance the industry of stream and wetland restoration by contributing to the science, conservation, and restoration of streams and wetlands.

TBG started when we worked for an environmental consulting firm in a 600-sf barn for 5 workers with one in the kitchen and another in a closet. As a group we were loud, we thought out loud, we calculated out loud, and we devised out loud. We had a passion for stream and wetland restoration. We trickled away to other companies but the passion never left. Now we have regrouped and formed an organization with the ideals that made the barn great. We have formed The Barn Group to be dedicated to a holistic approach in innovation and craftsmanship in stream and wetland restoration in conjunction with conserving these waters and lands.

We have a professional ecological staff and an active Board of Directors. Our headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia with satellite offices in Mesa, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, but we work throughout the entire United States of America.

To date we have been a part of protecting over 10,000 acres. This work is critical to preserving our area’s natural landscapes and resources that contribute to economic security and quality of life. TBG’s conservation programs have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts.

The organization was originally founded in 2012 as an environmental consulting organization that focused on mitigation services. In 2017 our board adopted the mission of becoming a Land Trust with a focus on using our environmental services departments to enhance our properties.


When Tommy came out of graduate school he landed himself a job in Georgia working for Register-Nelson, Inc. As that company grew the stream and wetland restoration crew moved into an adjacent shed, lovingly called “the barn.” In The Barn existed a culture of collaboration, forward thinking, dedication, research and openness. That fervent atmosphere is continued in The Barn Group .


We preserve, protect, and maintain streams, wetlands, and natural resources to increase stewardship and conservation for present and future generations.


We seek to restore, preserve, enhance and conserve the environment and its natural resource in The United States of America. We focus in the areas of environmental stewardship, the protection of land, water, and wildlife, and the promotion of education.

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